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KRK 12sHO And KRK 12s Subwoofers Available for Demonstration at the 2012 NAMM Show

ANAHEIM, CA – KRK Systems, part of the new Gibson Pro Audio division and a leading provider of professional monitors, subwoofers, headphones and control room solutions, is pleased to announce that its innovative powered subwoofers, the KRK 12sHO and KRK 12s, are now shipping worldwide and are available for demonstration at the 2012 NAMM show (NAMM Meeting Room 5963).

The KRK 12sHO is the ultimate expression of a subwoofer, delivering the intense, focused bass response necessary for demanding high-level applications, while the KRK 12s, designed to be a workhorse subwoofer for music production, is ideal when the precise representation of the bass frequency spectrum is necessary.

The KRK 12sHO powered subwoofer easily can handle the sonic rigors of surround sound, making it an ideal match for KRK’s Expose E8B or VXT 8 monitors driven to high sound pressure levels. It gives the engineer, artist and producer the opportunity to experience accurate bass reproduction down to 29Hz. While subsonic frequencies are heavily implemented in some musical genres, all studios will benefit from the use of a sub to monitor this low frequency content. The KRK 12sHO brings big system performance to any studio environment where ultra-accurate bass extension and maximum sound levels are required.

The KRK 12sHO already has garnered fans among industry heavy-hitters, among them, legendary Grammy Award winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. “When I’m in the studio, I need to know what’s happening at the core of my mix,” says Jerkins. “I need to know what’s happening with that low frequency range, otherwise it won’t translate across other systems. The KRK 12sHO subwoofer gets me that accuracy. It gives me that punch, that super-tightness that I can’t get from another sub.”

Jerkins added, “We recently used it to mix Mary J. Blige’s cover of ‘Ain’t Nobody.’ Mixing for the best means we mix with the best gear. The KRK 12sHO was a huge asset, allowing us to deliver a new take on a classic, four-on-the-floor beat – and it allows me to really go full-force. I can mix at the loudness level I need without taking it up to the mains.”

The KRK 12sHO cabinet features a 12-inch high, excursion-woven Kevlar driver cone set in a curved baffle front plate designed to virtually eliminate diffraction distortion. A specially designed front-firing quad-concentric port provides low-frequency extension while reducing boundary coupling and port turbulence. The integrated power amplifier delivers 400W RMS performance, yielding a sound pressure level of 113-dB music and 123-dB peak with a signal to noise ratio of 92dB. The KRK 12sHO can be integrated into an existing monitoring system by directly connecting dedicated subwoofer outputs from the source (mixing console, audio interface or monitor controller), or by using the built-in high pass filter and using the stereo outputs to pass the upper part of the spectrum to the main monitors. This allows the KRK 12sHO to be connected easily in a simple environment, while also offering the ability to be interfaced with a range of comprehensive hardware. The KRK 12sHO also features a dedicated LFE input, for integration into surround production requiring this signal. The subwoofer low-pass filter control is variable from 60Hz to 160Hz, giving the KRK 12sHO a generous frequency range of 29 to 160Hz to complement the sonic signature of any control room. The cabinet features combi-jack balanced inputs, thermal and overload/clip protection, LFE input gain, XLR outputs, a special subwoofer/line bypass footswitch connection, a ground lift option, phase reverse switch and variable phase adjust capabilities.

The KRK 12s powered subwoofer enhances any professional and project studio monitor system by delivering accurate reproduction of the bass frequencies down to 32Hz. For decades, KRK subwoofers have been the choice for high definition low-frequency monitoring, including some of the most prestigious studios around the world. Now the KRK 12s provides a larger low-frequency driver for enhanced performance that is within the budget of even the most modest home or project studio but packs the performance that leaders in the industry, including Martin Harrington, writer and producer for such artists as Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia, can appreciate. “I’ve always loved having a sub to wow record companies or artists when playing back a song or mix,” says Harrington. “The truth is, most subs are only good for that purpose and are not accurate enough to work with when making a record. The KRK 12s changed that. It’s very accurate and actually makes my Expose monitors sound even better!”

The KRK 12s features a specially designed curved baffle front plate that virtually eliminates diffraction distortion, enhancing pure bass reproduction down to 32Hz from the 12-inch, Kevlar woven high excursion driver cone. The internal power amplifier yields a 240W RMS power rating that delivers 110dB music and 119.5dB peak sound pressure levels with a signal to noise ratio of 102dB. The KRK 12s can be integrated into an existing monitoring system in the same way as the KRK 12sHO. The low-pass filter is variable from 55Hz to 170Hz, giving a frequency range of 32Hz to 170Hz which makes the KRK 12s the ideal choice for most existing monitoring systems. The cabinet features XLR, 1/4-inch TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs and outputs, a system volume control with a range of -30dB to +6dB, subwoofer/line out bypass, phase reverse switch and ground lift switch.

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