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Matrix Room Brings Project Studio Intimacy to the Professional Environment

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – Larrabee Studios, a facility that has defined the high-end commercial recording studio for decades working with everyone from Fleetwood Mac and Prince to Dr. Dre and Sheryl Crow, is re-defining the meaning of full service by opening a production room centered on a Solid State Logic Matrix console. Larrabee is an enduring witness to the fact that the professional recording environment is alive and well and, indeed, sought out by the top talent in the music industry. Responding to client interest, the Matrix production room allows artists and producers to have a smaller room available for composing, working on a part or experimenting with a sound, thereby alleviating time pressure on Larrabee’s three very busy SSL XL 9000 K series rooms.

“We are a commercial studio of the highest order servicing clients who want to work in a professional environment,� states Kevin Mills, the owner of Larrabee Studios. “The home or project studio working model is very popular across all levels of the industry offering artists the opportunity to work in an intimate environment for their creative flow. We wanted to provide a room that addresses this way of working within a commercial studio and Matrix was the console of choice for the project.�

Matrix provides the interface between a Pro Tools® system and a large selection of classic and contemporary outboard gear available through Gearworks Pro Audio Services, a company associated with Larrabee. The availability of such a wide range of equipment allows the artist and producer to explore sonic possibilities, with Matrix maintaining uniform quality with the rest of the facility.

“We are using Matrix with Pro Tools, so that all work done in the production room can immediately be made available to one of the larger rooms,� Mills explains. “The Matrix room is also great for the producer who may have one project in the production room in the development stage and another down the hall in one of the large studios. This concept allows for better and more productive creative flow.�

Mills believes that there is a synergy that occurs between the producers and artists, and the engineers, studio management and the physical studio itself that keeps the big acts coming back. The commercial studio, therefore, offers a level of quality and service simply not found in a private environment.

“Anyone can build something small in their bedroom or garage, but there is no substitute for controlled acoustic environments and high level microphones and electronics,� says Mills. “We have always been able to offer clients the amenities of a commercial studio, and now, with Matrix, we can offer the measurable quality of our large studios in an intimate environment.�

Phil Wagner, President SSL Inc., comments, “Larrabee’s relationship with SSL extends back decades. We are extremely pleased to see Larrabee continue with the SSL sonic legacy in their new production room.”

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