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Meyer Sound CAL Clarifies Music and Speech in Reverberant Korean Convention Center

South Korea’s Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) has dramatically extended the versatility of its exhibition space with the installation of two steerable Meyer Sound CAL™ 32 column array loudspeakers. Formerly suited only for hosting floor exhibits, the room now can accommodate a variety of meetings, lectures, presentations, and performances that demand controlled coverage and highly intelligible audio reinforcement for both speech and music.

Prior to the renovation, the large open space of Hall 5A had a reverberation time in excess of eight seconds at 1 kHz. With acoustic treatment of the walls reducing reverberation to a more manageable 2.7 seconds, CAL has proven to be a far superior solution compared to its former ceiling system.

“With its precise beam steering technology, CAL has greatly reduced the sound reflected from the ceiling,” explains Min Ho Jang, director of BEXCO’s Exhibition Center 2. “Even without costly acoustic treatment for the ceiling areas, CAL allows us to reproduce high-quality sound to the audience with a very natural feeling. The speech transmission index has also greatly improved.”

The new CAL 32 loudspeakers were provided, installed, and configured by SOVICO, Meyer Sound’s Korean distributor. Busan-based BONE Engineering provided architectural acoustics and electro-acoustic design for the space.

The renovation of Hall 5A also included the addition of a Behringer X32 digital mixer and a BSS BLU-100 signal processor.

Opened in 2001 and greatly expanded in 2012, BEXCO has hosted a wide variety of national and international exhibitions, conferences, and large-scale entertainment events.