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A Low-Cost/High-Impact PR Newswire Service for the Entertainment & Creative Technology Industries

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 19, 2010 – Mojo Working announces Mojo Rising, a revolutionary new PR newswire service for the entertainment and creative technology industries. Using targeted electronic distribution and social networking; Mojo Rising provides small businesses and creative individuals with a low-cost, high-impact method to spread their marketing message nationwide and around the world.

According to Kevin Fetterplace, Mojo Working International founder, “During the 18 years that Mojo Working has been providing PR and marketing services worldwide we have repeatedly heard the same story from small companies and individuals. They have expended time, money and talent developing products or services and building their business, but now they cannot afford to hire a fulltime PR company to help tell their story.�


help those growing businesses reach more customers, while also being mindful of the current economic climate, Mojo Working has introduced Mojo Rising, an innovative, low-cost PR service.

Each month, Mojo Rising clients submit whatever news they wish to announce – for example, a new product release or upgrade; staff changes; details of recent creative media projects that have passed through their facility; or participation in an upcoming trade event – along with an associated image. For a low monthly fee, Mojo Rising will help turn each client’s news into a professional press release, compile them all into interactive electronic newsletters, then distribute them to hundreds of print and online media outlets serving the creative and media production communities globally.

Fetterplace noted, “Over the past 18 years we’ve established great relationships with all of the industry’s publications, both print and online, and have developed an exhaustive distribution list. Your marketing message will potentially be seen by thousands of creative and technical professionals, musicians, studios, record labels, entertainment venues, record producers, video- and filmmakers, and many others, every single time we send out a newsletter.�

Each newsletter will summarize half a dozen press releases, alongside associated thumbnail images, and will link to a host site where online and print publication editors can access and download the full stories and high-resolution images. In addition, editors at the leading publications will receive notification of the latest newsletter directly to their inbox.

Further, Mojo Rising’s dedicated social networking pages, including Facebook, WordPress and Twitter, will point to those news releases, offering additional distribution channels.
As a bonus, publications may choose to subscribe to feeds from those social networking sites, ensuring coverage where it matters.

“We really encourage anybody with a great new product to bring to market, or who wants to get more traffic through his or her studio, or who has a new service that they wish to promote, or who simply wants to increase public awareness of their business, to contact us for further details of the services offered by Mojo Rising,� said Fetterplace.

For more information or to subscribe to Mojo Rising, please contact:
Bonny Baldwin, National Sales: [email protected]

About Mojo Working:

Mojo Working has been a world leader in entertainment technology communications for nearly two decades. With its eye firmly on the big picture for clients large and small, Mojo Working has designed and instigated some of the foremost campaigns in our industry’s history. Mojo Rising, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, joins Rockin’ Chair Productions – a television and web reality show development company, with two shows in current production – in Mojo Working’s expanding business portfolio.

Media Contact:
Kevin Fetterplace
E: [email protected]
T: (646) 359-3961