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Moogfest Gets Switched-On To Thunder Audio

Kraftwerk, flanked by K2 arrays, performing at Moogfest 2014 (photo: Ryan Powell)
Detroit-based SR provider deploys new L-ACOUSTICS K2 system for headline acts

ASHEVILLE, NC — Moogfest, the annual electronic technology, art, science and music festival celebrating the creative vision of analog synth pioneer Bob Moog, expanded its festivities in downtown Asheville, North Carolina this year to five days in late April and more than 10 venues. For audio reinforcement at US Cellular Center’s 2,431-seat Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, which served as the festival’s primary stage, Thunder Audio specified the use of its new L-ACOUSTICS K2 loudspeaker system.

The loudspeaker complement for Moogfest 2014’s main stage included left and right arrays of nine K2, plus eight SB28 subs and three ARCS II out-fills per side. Two additional K2 and two K1-SB subs per side were utilized as side fills, while six KARA enclosures were spread out across the stage lip for front-fill. Ten LA-RAK touring racks, each loaded with three LA8 amplified controllers, delivered the power and processing.

Pet Shop Boys on Moogfest 2014's main stage (photo: Ryan Powell)
According to Sam Fotias, director of operations at Detroit’s Paxahau, which curated the artist roster for Moogfest this year, the new rig was a very welcome addition. “We have been working closely with Thunder Audio for over ten years, so we were extremely excited when they told us they had invested in L-ACOUSTICS’ new K2 system and that we could deploy it at Moogfest this year,” he says. “Over five days of programming, we had Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, M.I.A. and CHIC with Nile Rogers all play through that system, so quite a broad spectrum of genres and playing styles. Each show sounded great and all of the artists were extremely satisfied, not only with the brand new PA, but with Thunder’s impeccable crew and engineers as well. We’re
The house left array of nine L-ACOUSTICS K2
already looking forward to putting K2 through some more paces in the near future.”

This year’s Moogfest marked the ninth annual festival and the fourth to be held in Asheville, the city where Bob Moog spent the last 30 years of his life. For more info on Moogfest 2014, visit:

About Thunder Audio:
Headquartered in the Detroit suburb of Livonia, with a new office and rehearsal space in Nashville, Thunder Audio has grown over the past three and a half decades into one of the world’s top touring sound reinforcement companies. For more information, visit: