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Music Director and Producer Rodrigo Cárdenas Finds Success with RME’s Fireface UCX

Audio performance and compact form factor make it the ideal touring interface

Miami FL – May 2017… As the owner / operator of RC Studios, Music Producer / Director and Bassist Rodrigo Cárdenas maintains a very busy schedule. When not in the studio working on arrangements and compositions for his celebrity clients, he can be found on tour—both directing and performing in the backing ensembles. His production credits include projects with the late Mexican singer / songwriter Juan Gabriel as well as vocalist Manuel Mijares. As music director, his portfolio includes work for the Mexican pop group Los Temerarios and Latin artist Cristian Castro—and he’s also served as the bass player for Los Temerarios, Guatemalan singer / songwriter Ricardo Arjona, and the artists Emmanuel and Luis Enrique. Regardless of the project, Cárdenas regularly keeps his RME Fireface UCX interface—distributed by Synthax, Inc. throughout the United States—nearby.

“I’ve had my Fireface UCX for just over three months,” Cárdenas reports, “and in that short time I have really become a big fan of the product. My setup includes an Apple MacBook Pro running MOTU’s Digital Performer 9 and I’m primarily using the interface in my live work. To present the full sound of an orchestra during performances, I have a variety of orchestra tracks that are sequenced. I run a 2-track mix of these tracks through outputs 1 and 2 of the Fireface UCX with a click track for the live musicians to follow on output 3. I also use the MIDI output ports to send program changes to the keyboards and pedal board guitar.”

When queried about those Fireface UCX features that he finds particularly appealing, Cárdenas offered the following comments. “The Fireface UCX has amazing sound quality. Given its small, half-rack size (that fits easily into my travel bag), I love the fact that there are eight analog outs on this interface. Most other interfaces with eight analog outputs are considerably larger. While I’m only using three of these outputs at present, I have the option to send other instruments through outputs 5 and 6 or 7 and 8. Since the unit has MIDI ports, I no longer need to use a separate MIDI interface, so the Fireface UCX performs double duty for me. Further, I frequently record bass tracks in my hotel room when I’m on tour, and this interface is very easy to use for that purpose. It has two great preamps and provides awesome record quality.”

Cárdenas has been equally impressed with the intuitive design of the Fireface UCX as well as the support services of Synthax, “I found the interface very easy to get started with. When I used it for the first time, I installed the driver and Digital Performer automatically assigned the audio and MIDI outputs. I didn’t have to setup anything! I’ve had a few questions since that time, and the support staff at Synthax has been great. They’re very responsive.”

Before shifting his focus back to his music projects, Cárdenas offered these final thoughts regarding his experience with the Fireface UCX. “Everything works perfectly,” he said. “Right from the start, this interface has been really intuitive to use. I’ve also been very impressed with RME’s build quality. The interface has a very solid, well-built feel that inspires confidence in its reliability. I am extremely happy with my Fireface UCX and I strongly recommend it to anyone in search of a quality interface.”

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Photo info: Rodrigo Cárdenas