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El Segundo, CA–MXL Microphones has introduced its new MicMate Universal USB Microphone Interface. Designed as an incredibly easy-to-use tool that enables any dynamic or condenser microphone to be connected to a personal computer, the new MicMate opens up the world of recording to anyone with a desire to capture crystal clear, professional quality audio. This versatile, compact interface makes capturing audio for podcasts, adding dialog to presentations, recording live performances , and a host of similar applications as simple as connecting any other USB peripheral.

Working with the new MXL MicMate is a pleasure. As a plug and play device for both Windows and Macintosh, it requires no special drivers whatsoever. Simply connect the MicMate‘s USB cable to a computer‘s USB port, and installation is quick and effortless. The new MicMate is a USB 2.0 high-speed device that is backward compatible with USB 1.1. With a cylindrical form factor roughly equal in size to a Cuban cigar, the MXL MicMate‘s operation couldn‘t be more intuitive–and as for its performance, let‘s just say it ‘smokes‘ the competition.

The MXL MicMate is sonically transparent and adds no coloration to the sound of the attached microphone. The analog section of the new MicMate features a 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response, and a 3-position, switchable attenuation pad with settings for Hi (0 dB), Medium (-5 dB), and Lo (-10 dB), making it easy to configure the attached microphone to virtually any sound source. The digital section features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. For use with condenser microphones, the MicMate supplies 48V Phantom power.

The MXL MicMate Universal USB Microphone Interface carries an MAP price of $79.95, and will be available in Q3 of 2007. For more information, visit