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NEUTRIK introduces powerCON® TRUE1® TOP L Cable Connectors and Associated Tools

Charlotte, NC – March 2022… NEUTRIK introduces powerCON® TRUE1® TOP L input and output cable connectors.

Carrying the -L suffix, these new connectors accept cable outer diameters of 10 – 16 mm (0.39 – 0.63”) making them ideal for extra hard service SOOW 12/3, SJOOW12/3 and H07RN-F3G2.5 cables. A patent-pending cable entry meet standards requirements for preventing disassembly by hand. As a result, the connectors are certified to EN 60320-1, IEC 60320-1, and UL 60320-1 when applied to appropriate cables (SOOW 12/3, SJOOW 12/3, H07RN-F3G2.5). This allows mains cables to be assembled in accordance with UL 817, CSA C22.2 No. 21, and EN IEC 60799.

NAC3FX-W-TOP-L injects power into a device or a coupled cable. NAC3MX-W-TOP-L receives power. As with the standard NAC3FX-W-TOP and NAC3MX-W-TOP, these new L connectors are rated to 20 A (16 A in Europe) and 250 V AC. They are IP 65 rated in the mated condition and built from UL 94 V-0 and UL F1-rated UV resistant materials. Additionally, Neutrik Americas has introduced new HTLACA and HTLACB assembly tools for use with these connectors.

NAC3FX-W-TOP-L and NAC3MX-W-TOP-L mate to all the same chassis and cable connectors as the standard NAC3FX-W-TOP and NAC3MX-W-TOP.

Fred Morgenstern, VP Technology of Neutrik Americas, commented, “These new connectors are ideal for customers looking to deploy latched, twist-locking, single-phase AC power connectors with extra hard service cable. With excellent weather resistance, including UV light resistance, the connectors are ideal for first runs from power distros to daisy-chained devices as well as for various applications where junior service cable may be deemed too lightweight. The connectors can be used with SJ* cables as well; we anticipate that many North American customers may prefer them over the standard (non L) powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors for SJ* cables that are on the higher end of the standard connectors’ 6 – 12 mm (0.24 – 0.47”) OD range.

“The associated HTLACA and HTLACB assembly tools have been newly created specifically for use with these connectors. They are ideal for volume assemblers. A new Neutrik video demonstrates these tools’ use during the termination process.”

“Like NEUTRIK’s new NSSC-* spring-loaded powerCON TRUE1 TOP chassis connector sealing covers, these L cable connectors are another valuable expansion of the powerCON TRUE1 TOP range.”

Neutrik Americas is accepting orders for NAC3FX-W-TOP-L and NAC3MX-W-TOP-L now with availability estimated in Q2 2022.

About Neutrik Americas

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