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Pacifica Music Catalog Launched by RipTide Music & PigFactory As A Collection of Modern Music for TV, Film & Other Productions

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 14, 2009 – Pacifica Music, a new catalog of modern music, has been launched to supply affordable, high quality music to film studios, television networks, trailer houses, advertising agencies, game companies and corporate producers. Pacifica Music, LLC, is a joint venture between two leading independent licensing and publishing companies, RipTide Music and pigFACTORY. The announcement was made jointly today by Rich Goldman, Founder/RipTide Music, and Keatly Haldeman, CEO, pigFACTORY. (Please see: )

At launch, Pacifica Music will feature over 6,000 tracks of music across numerous genres, including hip hop, rock, pop, orchestral and electronica, with an additional 4-5,000 new tracks being added every six months. Pacifica Music, which will be deliverable through its innovative website’s Search and Download engine, a variety of popular digital asset management systems and on hard drives, offers a collection of

works from a global network of composers, musicians and producers. New music is being acquired and created at an aggressive rate.

The status of parent companies RipTide Music and pigFACTORY give the Pacifica Music catalog instant credibility. These two companies have recently enjoyed success with high profile music placements in films and trailers including “Inglorious Basterds,� “District 9,� “Public Enemies,� “The Ugly Truth,� and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,� in TV programs “Entourage,� “True Blood,� “Mad Men,� and “90210,� in videogames “Guitar Hero 5,� “Tony Hawk: Ride� and “MLB 2009,� and in commercials for “Nestle,� “PlayStation 3� and “E*TRADE,� to name some.

Rich Goldman said, “For anyone needing a diverse collection of modern music, Pacifica is a ‘must have’ alongside your current music sources. This catalog is comprised of indie artists and composers whose music has been featured in countless high-end projects. All of the rights to these tracks have been vetted and pre-cleared, and our sales and administrative teams will be providing our clients with the same high level of service that RipTide Music and pigFACTORY have long built their reputations on.�

Adds Keatly Haldeman, �Pacifica Music is a direct answer to the demands of the audio/visual production community. With the collective brain power, musical talent and industry knowledge that pigFACTORY and RipTide bring to the table, we have designed our catalog and web interface to provide an exceptional user experience.�

Bob Kaminsky, EVP, RipTide Music and Pacifica Music, adds, “With a very simple and musically intuitive search engine, music supervisors are just a few clicks away from finding great music fast. A section of pre-made play-lists for many common uses called “Scenes and Situations� offers a great place to go when you need a presentation in a hurry.�

NOTE: While Pacifica Music, LLC, is a new joint venture between RipTide Music and pigFACTORY, this new venture will not affect the daily operations of either of its parent companies. Pacifica Music has been designed as an independent entity, with client service being fully administered by its own dedicated staff.


RipTide Music is a creative, forward-thinking, Los Angeles-based music licensing and publishing company. RipTide represents the work of over 200 accomplished composers, indie-bands, artists and singer/songwriters for one-stop licensing in TV, movie trailers, films, videogames and advertising.

RipTide Music also represents a growing roster of celebrity talent, historical masters and inspired recordings of cover songs. Please visit


pigFACTORY specializes in the international placement of music in film, TV, advertising and videogames, and the collection of music publishing royalties, worldwide. Representing over 250,000 master recordings and publishing copyrights, a roster that includes legendary songs and artists, pigFACTORY also offers a one-stop catalog of pre-cleared music from cutting-edge artists of all genres. For more info, please see:


Launched in 2009, Pacifica Music is a new production music catalog created by two of Hollywood’s leading independent licensing and publishing companies to aggregate, produce and supply thousands of tracks of affordable, high quality music to film studios, television networks, trailer houses, advertising agencies, game companies and corporate producers. The catalog provides the production community great music with competitive pricing, a knowledgeable staff, on-line search and delivery, and easy licensing that includes blanket deals, show packages and needle-drops. For more info, please visit: