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Post Haste Sound Installs Brainstorm

Audio Post Center Picks the DCD-8 With VSG-4 Video Sync

Pictured (L-R) with the Brainstorm DCD-8 is Ken Hansen, Director of Operations; Randall Smith, Lead Remastering Engineer; and Griff Davies, Technical Director. Photo by David Goggin.

Santa Monica, CA, November, 2007 — Post Haste Sound, one of the busiest audio post houses on LA‘s West Side, has installed Brainstorm‘s new DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer with VSG-4 Video Sync Generator. Post Haste features the latest ProTools/HD systems, plus Sonic Solutions/HD for restoration and remastering. Other services include remixing of soundtracks to the various Surround Sound formats.

“The Brainstorm combo unit has proven itself to be very useful, perhaps irreplaceable for the work we are doing here,” says Ken Hansen, director of Operations. “The DCD-8/VSG-4 makes for fast and accurate synchronization throughout the facility.”

Recent projects at Post Haste Sound include “Rescue Dawn,” and “Mr. Brooks,” the remastering of “Fistful of Dollars” and “The Amityville Horror,” the re-release of “Wall Street,” including soundtrack restoration when necessary. The company provides standards conversation for international markets, ADR recording/editing, and editing of theatrical releases for television and airlines. The combination of the DCD-8 and the VSG-4 delivers a complete solution for all sync requirements in the scoring, recording and post-production environment.

Lead remastering engineer Randall Smith explains: “Before the Brainstorm we had a separate Word Clock generator, a separate NTSC black burst generator and another PAL black burst generator. Each job was a patch bay hassle, but now we can work from one source and greatly simplify our entire operation.”

Griff Davies, technical director, adds: “Brainstorm gives us the ability to simultaneously have NTSC and PAL references, plus HD references and Word Clock out to all of our audio gear. We aren‘t a huge company and we all wear many hats to get the job done. It‘s ideal for us to find a piece of equipment that is affordable and accomplishes many tasks. Before we got the DCD-8 we had to use many different pieces of gear and then spend a lot of time just jerry-rigging things to get them up and running.”

The VSG-4/DCD-8 combination provides great flexibility, as audio can be locked to video or vice-versa. While many different rates can be generated simultaneously, a single sync reference can operate an entire audio/video installation. Designed for operations ranging from audio recording studios to large post-production houses and major broadcast facilities, the DCD-8 offers the most comprehensive package for all clocking needs, providing versatility in the widest range of applications.

For info about Brainstorm, visit: or phone 323.845.1171

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