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Renewed Vision Unveils ProVideoServer at InfoComm 2013

Popular and reliable ProVideoSync media server rebranded and upgraded with significant improvements

ORLANDO, Florida – InfoComm 2013 booth #4211 — Renewed Vision is taking advantage of InfoComm 2013 to officially debut ProVideoServer (PVS), the company’s new four-channel HD video server with synchronization.

Eight years ago, Renewed Vision introduced ProVideoSync, a dual-channel media server currently used by many organizations around the world for the synchronized playback of two channels of broadcast-quality video with select video codecs. Since that time, codecs like H.264 that were originally suitable for web video became of a better quality, distribution of content over the web became more desirable, remote control capabilities in video switchers became more widespread, and the appetite for even more video channels has grown.

With all of that in mind, Renewed Vision’s engineering team set out to address these modern requirements, re-imagining and extending the original scope of PVS. The result is essentially a brand new product with a slightly updated name better suited for its purpose.

Today, the new PVS accommodates up to four channels of HD video from a single computer with support for commonly used codecs, such as ProRes, H.264, and others. Delivering broadcast-quality HD-SDI output, synchronization is possible for two to four channels — or two sets of two channels — and all video can be re-sized and re-timed on the fly. A graphic layer allows for image overlay on any channel.

Mac-based with support for Thunderbolt and PCI video peripherals, ProVideoServer offers VITC (VANC) compatibility for count-up and countdown clocks through supported cards. Serial communication over Ethernet allows per channel control from a video switcher, and playlist workflow and hot folder support make it easy to build cues for an entire event or show. PVS additionally features real-time frame latency adjustment controls between linked video channels as well as multi-channel audio support with on-screen meters.

Recognizing that not all users will require four or more channels, Renewed Vision offers a single-channel pricing model for PVS. Customers can buy anywhere from one to four channels according to their needs, then transfer channels and licenses between computers as needed.

“When we surveyed the existing media server offerings from various companies, we found that there were certain flaws inherent with each one,” notes Renewed Vision President Brad Weston. “Solutions sold as hardware tended to be too expensive and required a very narrow range of media types, while software solutions typically provided a lower quality playback experience and didn’t include communications protocols that a lot of users desire. Our objective with ProVideoServer was to offer a cost-effective option that makes no compromises.”

Despite greatly expanding PVS’ feature set and functionality, one thing that Renewed Vision chose to keep at a minimum was its pricing. “ProVideoServer provides broadcast quality playback at a truly affordable price point,” Weston adds. “At $1,499 per channel, a single-channel media server can be created for around $3,000 and a four-channel server for under $10,000. This is a game changer that will allow many organizations to obtain previously-out-of-reach capabilities.”

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Renewed Vision ( is a leading manufacturer of cross-platform video production software for a myriad of professional environments, including live concerts, houses of worship, sporting events, conferences and even broadcast television. Founded in 2000 with the premise of “enhancing environments through technology,” Renewed Vision’s three core products — ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoServer — are all widely celebrated for their stability, ease of use and affordability.

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