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Soundcraft Broadens Support For Portable PA Market With Stunning FX 16ii And MFX Series Consoles

Small Format Pioneer Reclaims The Ascendancy In Small-To-Mid-Sized Live Sound And Project Recording With Two Feature-Packed, High-Performing Mixing Consoles.

In a series of introductions that will likely prompt musicians, engineers, venue managers, educators, corporate AV professionals and worship leaders to recalibrate their expectations of what a small format mixer can do, sound like or cost, Soundcraft will be demonstrating the FX 16ii and MFX Series mixing consoles at InfoComm ‘08.

The FX 16ii is a 19� rack-mountable mixer with a total of 26-inputs and integrated Lexicon FX processor that makes it an incredibly versatile mixer for a host of applications. The MFX is available in 8+2, 12+2 and 20+2 channel/frame sizes and also comes loaded with an arsenal of features that make it the ideal mixer for a wide array of small-to mid-sized applications, and once again the addition of a Lexicon FX processor and rack mount option for the 8+2 (std on 12+2) variant make this a great product for almost any small to mid sized applications.

“With the ground breaking introductions that we are making in the large format arena with our Vi family and these new products at the entry level, there has never been a better time to own a Soundcraft mixer!� commented Richard Ayres, Soundcraft Product Manager. “The new FX 16ii and MFX Series mixers embody a new spirit of innovation, and, packaged with the finest mic amps and EQ you will find anywhere, these are truly exceptional products that should be on everyone’s shopping list!�

Both units are exceptionally easy to use and are built around the same AudioDNA® processor featured in many of the Digitech® and Lexicon outboard products including the highly respected Lexicon MX300 processor. Other common features include 32 FX settings, tap tempo, FX store settings, 3-band EQ with swept mid-band, integral universal power supplies and rugged construction meant to withstand even the toughest environment!

The Soundcraft FX 16ii offers a combination of powerful live and recording features; each channel has a direct output which is individually switchable pre or post fader to enable use with 16-track recording systems. The Lexicon effects work just as well in the live as well as the recording environment. Incorporating the latest PCB surface mount technology, the Soundcraft FX 16ii can be optionally rack-mounted into a 10U space via a dual-position connector pod which allows cables to be connected conveniently behind the rack and save rack space.

The MFX Series combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft MPM™ mixer with a built-in 24-bit, digital, Lexicon effects processor, expanding Soundcraft’s low-cost, multi-purpose compact range. The effects section fits neatly into the mixer’s compact framework, which is available in 12 or 20 mono input variants, both with 2 stereo channels and an effects send on each channel. The MFX uses the highly-transparent GB30 Mic amp and also two configurable aux sends, two groups, XLR and 1�4� metal jack connector sockets, RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs. The MFX also features a three-band EQ with a swept mid on the mono inputs, three-band EQ on the two stereo inputs, TRS insert sockets, inserts on all mono inputs, 10-segment LED output metering and a headphone output.

“Today we’re showing InfoComm attendees two very different mixers that deliver category-leading features and performance at their respective price points,� Ayres continued. “In doing so, we’re extending Soundcraft’s commitment to value, performance, ease of use and system reliability for each and every one of our customers in music, education, corporate AV, worship, fixed install and recording!�

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