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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – JANUARY 2010: Symetrix is pleased to announce a major software upgrade to its cost-effective and uniquely powerful Zone Mix 760 fixed-architecture DSP system. The original member of Symetrix’ expanding Integrator Series, the Zone Mix 760 helped redefine sound system expectations and sophistication for restaurants, hotels, night clubs, and a wide range of other venues. It continues to win contracts that deliver exceptional functionality, intuitive user interfaces (using Symetrix or third-party hardware controllers), and trouble-free set-ups. In addition to numerous features that speed and simplify programming for busy integrators including copy and paste, graphical EQ response shaping, and enhancements to storing presets that now include output routing, the software upgrade substantially improves performance “under the hood” with features like site file storage and improved network connections. The software is available at no charge from

The Zone Mix 760 derives

its power and performance from the SymNet brand of open-architecture DSP solutions, which capably process some of the largest and most intricate installations in the world. Symetrix has included an expansive array of all of the most commonly-used elements from the SymNet DSP modules in the Zone Mix 760, a fact that Michael Chafee Enterprises put to use in the design of a public PA system for hurricane-ravaged Wauchula, Florida. “The 760 was ideal for this job because it contains all of the processing algorithms we needed at an incredibly low price point,” said Chafee. Those algorithms included precision delays that allowed him to use the Haas Effect so that everyone along the town’s parade route would localize sound to an outdoor performance stage.

Rutherford Design of Northridge, California relied on a Symetrix Zone Mix 760 to build a three-zone, 70-volt system for upscale restaurant Rare 120° in Las Vegas. Far from uncommon, the modern approach to a rather straightforward system improves upon designs of the past by simplifying the user interface – via a Symetrix wall panel ARC-SWK – perfectly tuning the system to the room with current DSP technology, and delivering the superior system at a very competitive price. With twelve inputs, six outputs, and flexible routing between them, the Zone Mix 760 is well-suited for almost any mid-size installation.

While Symetrix offers an extensive line of ARC wall panel controllers, their products also allow easy third-party control integration. Like all Symetrix and SymNet processors, the Zone Mix 760 “plays nice” with all third party hardware controllers using a fully-documented control protocol. For example, Missouri-based Progressive Electronics used a Zone Mix 760 together with a podium-mounted Crestron touch screen control panel to provide elegant control in the conference room at the new Kiewit Power facility in Lenexa, Kansas.

For smaller jobs, it may be tempting to rely on standard rack-mount pro audio gear. However, at a comparable price point, the Zone Mix 760 prevents unwanted tampering. As Mark Mowry, president of Creative Media Solutions, Inc., Rocklin, California, the integrator for Paul Martin’s American Bistro in El Segundo, colorfully put it: “Part of the beauty of this system is that the users can only touch those aspects that it makes sense for them to touch. In the past, system tuning was frequently wrecked by busboys who just finished installing car stereos and thought they were experts! Here, there’s nothing they can do, nothing they can ruin!”

ABOUT SYMETRIX For over three decades, sound system designers, broadcasters and sound engineers have relied upon the performance, value and reliability of the Symetrix suite of audio routing and processing products.

Symetrix continues to set the benchmark in sound quality, and user-friendly control interfaces, while providing legendary reliability hand in hand with our commitment to non-stop innovation.

You’ll love the ease of doing business with our incredible team of audio and business professionals, who excel in their commitment to serve our customers at the highest level from start to finish, again and again.

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