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TASCAM Quality is Central to Larry Dunn’s Music Career

Larry Dunn


Los Angeles, CA – July 2024… As a founding member of Earth, Wind & Fire, one of music’s most successful bands with its expansive R&B sound covering elements of jazz, rock, funk, and African music, keyboardist Larry Dunn’s music career is nothing short of extraordinary. In addition to this notable achievement, he has also performed and written for numerous other big-name artists, including Level 42, Ramsey Lewis, Ronnie Laws, and Stanley Clarke to name just a few. In dealing with such a wide range of musicians and styles, the musical gear he uses must be able to deliver world-class results while also having the flexibility to foster creativity no matter how one approaches the creative process—and to accomplish this, Dunn is a big fan of TASCAM.

Dunn has a long history with TASCAM. His first studio setup dates to 1974 when he got his start with a TASCAM Model 10 mixing console combined with the Series 70 8-track open reel recorder with half-inch tape. While his studio setup has evolved from those early days, TASCAM remains a key element—even after using a variety of other products. “After considerable thought and research,” Dunn explained, “Chris Brunt (my engineer of 46 years) and I decided to revamp the studio during the pandemic. We chose TASCAM. I have now come full circle and the star of the show is my prized possession: the TASCAM DM-4800 64-channel digital mixing console. What we like most about the DM-4800 is its superb audio quality, its ability to function as a controller, and its exceptional build quality.”

Another of Dunn’s favorite TASCAM products is his Portacapture X8 8-channel 32-bit float Portable Audio Field Recorder. “I find the Portacapture X8 to be incredibly versatile and powerful,” he reports. “I use it for live band rehearsals, live performances, writing sessions, and our theology classes to name just a few applications.” When asked what Portacapture X8 features he finds most appealing, he pointed to the 32-bit float point recording feature because of its ability to capture the most dynamic sound sources without worrying about clipping as well as indistinct audio from quiet sources. “The recorder delivers high resolution audio quality with an intuitive, easy to understand interface, and this is precisely what makes it so versatile.”

Microphones represent a crucial element of any recording studio, and here too, Dunn shared several positive thoughts regarding TASCAM. “I have both TM-180 and TM-280 Studio Condenser Microphones, and I find them to be totally amazing,” he reports. “The TM–180—with its pure gold covered diaphragm—delivers crisp and bright vocals, yet it remains full-bodied and warm! It’s also great on woodwinds, brass, and acoustic instruments. It is so versatile. We did an A-B comparison with one of my other mics from a very well-known manufacturer and it was hard to tell any difference!”

“Equally important, he added, “is the fact that these mics represent a huge price savings compared to many other microphones. At the end of the day, it all boils down to quality, and these mics simply seal the deal. So, let’s just say that the TASCAM microphones get an A+!”

While much of his focus was on his digital mixer, portable recorder, and microphones, Dunn added some very positive comments on a few of his other TASCAM products, “I also use a TASCAM LM-8ST 8-Channel Stereo Line Mixer, a TA-1VP Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Processor and Mic Preamp, along with TH-02, TH-06, and TH-07 headphone sets. In all cases, these products are without a doubt up to TASCAM’s high standards.”

With many of today’s electronic music and audio production products, questions inevitably arise. Here too, Dunn was very positive about his experience with TASCAM support services and staff. “TASCAM’s customer service has been so wonderful, helpful, and always available,” he said. “My interactions with some of the company’s key personnel, including Joe Stopka, Neal Faison, and William Branch have been absolutely invaluable.”

Before shifting his focus to the business of the day, Dunn offered these final thoughts regarding his experience with TASCAM, “TASCAM was the first hi-end recording gear I purchased in the early 70s, and it jump started an amazing musical career that has lasted almost 50 years and is still going strong. Over the years, I switched over to 2-inch tape recording and other gear during the 80’s, but now I have come full circle. As the old adage says, ‘Longevity is a great sign of quality and integrity.’ And for that, thank you TASCAM!”

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For decades, TASCAM has been the choice of musicians, engineers, and broadcast professionals worldwide by combining industry leading fidelity with legendary reliability. With solutions designed for a stunning array of audio applications and catering to today’ s top professionals, TASCAM continues to define the sound of modern recording.