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Eight Microphone Winners Announced.

Pictured (L-R) are Phil Feinman, Tom Hickey, M 80 winner Jeri Palumbo, and Ian Jones. Photo by David Goggin.

TELEFUNKEN USA awarded two M 80 microphones as raffle prizes each day at the recent NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. Participants entered to win by texting the word TELEFUNKEN and dropped by the booth to pick up their prizes. One of eight winners was Jeri Palumbo, Broadcast Audio Engineer/Field and RF Tech for ESPN/FoxSports/CBS, who works primarily with the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Each day, vintage microphone expert Dan Alexander conducted microphone comparisons at the TELEFUNKEN USA booth. Numerous international dealers in recording equipment, as well as musicians, engineers, and producers offered their opinion of how the company’s Historic Reissue microphones compare to excellent, original examples of the classic European microphones. The overwhelming majority proclaimed the new TELEFUNKEN USA microphones to be equal or better than the vintage examples.

Well known personalities Brian Wilson, Denny Sewell, and engineers such as Mark Linett, Allen Sides, Joe Chiccarelli, and Brian Rizner all visited the TELEFUNKEN USA booth and expressed their unreserved endorsement of the company’s new products.

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