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Chicago, IL – March 2008 … As a freelance trumpeter who doubles on flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet, Carlo Isabelli has carved out a unique niche in the world of pop music. For the past twelve years, he has toured with the Buckinghams, a popular 60‘s-era band that experienced enormous radio popularity in 1967 when they released Kind of a Drag on the USA Records label. Since that time, he has become a common fixture on the revival circuit, performing with Gary Pucket and the Union Gap as well as Tommy James and the Shondells plus Rob Grill and the Grassroots. Further, he has appeared on stage with adult contemporary artist Michael McDonald and also performs with Chicago‘s High Society Orchestra. In addition to being a solid player, Isabelli is also one who knows how to engage his audience, and the freedom of movement he achieves with his MIPRO wireless system makes it all possible.

Isabelli recently acquired a MIPRO wireless system consisting of the ACT-707SE UHF receiver and the ACT-707TE body pack transmitter. He uses this in conjunction with a Superlux WB-383 clip-on instrument microphone. Collectively, the system (which is distributed throughout North America by Kansas City, MO-based Avlex Corporation) provides an unprecedented level of freedom that not only makes it easier for him to perform, but simultaneously enables him to engage his audience, as he explained.

“As a performing trumpeter,” says Isabelli, “having to constantly focus the bell of my horn toward a fixed microphone on a stand isn‘t the least bit comfortable, and it certainly doesn‘t help one‘s overall performance. Whether I‘m reading charts or simply playing from memory, having to maintain a fixed position so that I don‘t drift in and out of the mic‘s pickup pattern is just plain counterproductive. Having the freedom to move about and not worry about drifting in and out of the PA is huge. It makes everything I do as a performer that much easier.”

“Not only does my wireless system help me from a musical perspective,” continued Isabelli, “it also makes me a better performer. With my wireless system, I can move down stage during solos, and the audience loves that. I can even go out into the audience. Having a wireless system gives me the mobility to do all these things, and it‘s important to the success of the band‘s performance, as it enables me to be more engaging.”

When asked about those features that make his MIPRO wireless setup such a compelling choice, Isabelli responded by noting its compact form factor and ease of use. “Both the receiver and the belt pack transmitter are very small and light,” said Isabelli. “The transmitter is very comfortable to wear and the entire system travels in my gig bag–and for any travelling musician, the smaller and lighter the setup, the better.”

Isabelli spends considerable time performing throughout the Chicago area, which is known as a very crowded RF environment. Again, the MIPRO system‘s ease of use is an important feature. “Both the receiver and the transmitter use MIPRO‘s Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT) functionality,” notes Isabelli. “The receiver has an interference-free Channel Auto Scan feature that automatically searches for non-interference channels with one-press of a button. Once the receiver has selected an open frequency, another press of the “ACT” button on the receiver quickly and automatically uploads the working frequency into the transmitter. The process is surprisingly quick and easy.”

Having a capable wireless system is, of course, just part of the equation. The choice of a suitable microphone is equally important and, for this, Isabelli swears by his Superlux WB-383 clip-on instrument microphone. The Superlux WB-383 is low profile cardioid condenser microphone designed to clip to brass, reeds, strings, snare drum, toms, and other instruments. With high SPL capability, excellent frequency response, exceptional off axis rejection, and the ability to provide superior gain before feedback, it makes the perfect choice for Isabelli.

“The WB-383 is a wonderful mic,” says Isabelli. “Trumpet tends to be a rather loud instrument, and with the mic‘s high SPL characteristics, my sound is always clear and very natural. I also like the fact that, with its quick clip release and rubber pads, I can interchange instruments quickly and it doesn‘t scratch my horn.”

When queried about the system‘s reliability, Isabelli was particularly enthusiastic. “The MIPRO and Superlux gear travels to every gig these days,” said Isabelli. “Not once have I ever had the slightest operational hiccup. I can set the entire system up in about 2-3 minutes, make my connection to the PA system, and be ready for sound check or performance. That‘s pretty hard to beat.”

Before heading off to yet another performance, Isabelli offered this closing thought to others considering making the shift to wireless microphone systems. “This MIPRO system is my pro microphone setup. It‘s trouble free, it does everything I need it to do, and it‘s easy to work with, which enables me to focus on the performance as opposed to the technology. At the end of the day, it‘s the music that ultimately matters.”

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