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Unity Audio Rocks Out with Johnny McDaid

LONDON, NOVEMBER 29, 2016 – When Johnny McDaid, member of the popular alternative rock band Snow Patrol, was looking to upgrade his personal studio, Fieldwork Music, he decided to purchase Unity Audio’sSuper Rock near-field monitors. McDaid was blown away by his initial demo and ultimately installed a pair of Super Rocks into his space due to their exceptional audio qualities.

“The first time I heard the Super Rocks I was shocked at their depth and clarity,” says McDaid. “The sound was unbelievable, especially given their size. The audio is crisp and clear, no matter what level I have my volume set at. In my studio, I typically work for hours on end. I never get tired of using my Super Rocks. They are truly in a league of their own and I couldn’t recommend any other speaker since purchasing this pair. Whether I am mixing or tracking, the Super Rocks cover it all.”

Unity Audio’s Super Rocks are a larger format active 2-way model that features the well-known Unity Audio sealed cabinet design. These monitors deliver a fast transient response and accurate low frequency reproduction. The Super Rock has an 8-inch woofer compared to the 6-inch woofer from Unity Audio’s Rock MKII. It also features a larger folded ribbon tweeter from Mundorf. As with all products in the Unity Audio range, the Super Rock also contains the Class A/B Tim de Paravicini designed amplifiers.

“We are thrilled that Johnny McDaid has chosen to use our Super Rocks,” says Kevin Walker, managing director of Unity Audio. “Unity is always excited when accomplished artists and producers elect to purchase our products. Our company prides itself on delivering unique, high-quality products and we work hard to meet the needs of our customers.”

John “Johnny” McDaid is a Northern Irish songwriter, musician, producer and recording artist. He began as a singer/songwriter of the band Vega4 and was the first person to sign to Snow Patrol’s publishing company, Polar Patrol Publishing. McDaid went on to play guitar and piano and sing backup vocals for Snow Patrol. His songs have been featured on many television shows and have been used for many HBO network season campaigns. He owns a studio, Fieldwork Music, in North London where he writes, products and mixes with and for various artists and songwriters.

About Unity Audio

Founded in 2009, Unity Audio has since been at the leading edge of monitor design. Unity Audio takes a fresh approach to designing and manufacturing products, using different materials in innovative ways. The company, led by Kevin Walker, designs, builds and tests all of its products in the U.K. With audio industry greats, such as Stuart Hawkes, F Reid Shippen, and Steve Fitzmaurice, endorsing its products, Unity Audio works hard to incorporate new ideas on traditional designs, in order to produce the best active monitors for the industry.

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