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— New Red/95, Green/85 and Blue/25 series IR kits keep customers on the cutting edge with Xantech IR control —

SYLMAR, CA, July 21, 2010 — Xantech Corporation, the company that invented the concept of extended IR control for audio/video systems, is once again setting the standards for excellence in that area to keep up with the continuous changes occurring in A/V technology and living styles in the form of an entirely new line of products: its Red/95, Green/85 and Blue/25 series.

“Change is the one constant in both the audio/video industry and our lives,� commented Xantech President Graham Hallett. “Changes in entertainment systems range from flatscreen panels to all-digital TV content delivery, and now 3D is part of the mix. Changes in how we live include sweeping progress in energy efficiency and greater demands on living spaces. All this, in turn, places greater demands than ever on

IR control systems. As the pioneer and leader in that field, Xantech has the special responsibility of continuously advancing the state-of-the-art. Our new series does exactly that for IR control, and sets the new standard for the rest of the industry.�

Continued Hallett, “What that means for installers putting in A/V systems is this: everything they need to stay at the leading edge of IR control technology comes in a single box from Xantech. And if they ever encounter an IR problem that Xantech can’t solve, nobody can. It’s that simple�

The trends Hallett speaks of are:

1. Interchangeability of plasma and LCD TV’s — Today, many consumers are purchasing their second, third or fourth flat-screen television. An IR kit needs to work flawlessly with both plasma and LCD models. Previously, IR repeater systems used to be designed for only one or the other.
2. Energy efficiency — compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) has become standard in nearly every home and business. CFL’s pump out considerable light interference, making them incompatible with some IR systems.
3. Surge in digital entertainment delivery — more homes are connected to digital cable and satellite TV boxes than ever before. Not all IR repeater systems are compatible with all of these components.
4. Changes in lifestyles and living spaces — although new construction of dedicated home theater spaces has taken a downturn, interest in consumer electronics is stronger than ever, and so is interest in hiding audio/video components and controlling them remotely. An IR repeater system is expected to do more system control “heavy lifting� than ever before.

Xantech’s new IR systems are designed for this challenging new environment. Explains Mark Cerasuolo, Xantech’s Director of Marketing, “We now differentiate the kits by range and sensitivity instead of by type of television, and we simplified the selection process through our three-tier color-coded packaging system. Our Red/95 series has our highest level of interference-rejection circuitry, working with all types of TV’s and lighting at ranges up to 120 feet. Our Green/85 series is our most versatile kit, and works with all TV’s and lighting up to 80 feet. And our Blue/25 series is an outstanding value in IR control when the need is simply to control a traditional TV display under traditional lighting conditions.�

For the 95 and 85 series, Xantech delved into five technology elements to perfect IR for the next generation of entertainment systems: Error Correction circuitry ensures the most faithful reproduction of the original IR signal that present technology allows. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuitry allows a Xantech IR receiver to constantly study the ambient light level and automatically re-calibrate its own sensitivity to more accurately discriminate the correct signal and reject unwanted noise. Sophisticated Adaptive Filtering circuitry enabling the receiver to more electively “look� at an IR source while rejecting unwanted frequencies. Native Carrier Frequency Transmission circuitry (95, 85 & 25 series) to accurately process the original “pure� carrier frequency, eliminating noise and interference, and transmitting the original IR signal in its correct form to the rest of the system; In addition, the 95 series packs an oversized IR element, giving it a wider operating window, better off-axis response and longer range — perfect for larger living environments, or in conditions with unusual amounts of light interference. Finally, the overall build quality (95, 85 & 25 series), as Xantech using the highest quality components and precision manufacturing separates Xantech from competitive IR products.

The three new lines of IR kits are available with four receiver styles to fit practically any control application. The DL/Dinky Link surface-mount is the industry’s best-selling design for easy, unobtrusive mounting on any TV set frame or other component, and is now available with color-change sleeves for unobtrusive mounting on black, white or silver units. The HL/Hidden Link Designer-style receiver is a tabletop design for placement on entertainment equipment racks or components and is also available in black, white or silver. The ML/Micro Link peephole or bullet design is intended for in-wall or in-ceiling installations, and in speakers with a suitable knockout feature, and ships with brass, white and black bezels for easy concealment. Lastly, the Decora®-style receiver is intended for low-voltage mounting bracket or J-Box installations for in-wall retrofit or other applications.

“According to a recent industry survey, nearly half of all integrators cite Xantech as their choice in IR,� says Cerasuolo. “Our Dinky Link IR receiver has been the go-to control product for custom installers for 20 years. With the introduction of our new 95, 85 and 25 series, Xantech continues to advance the technology for IR and system control for all A/V products.�

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