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Harman HiQnet System Architect V23 Debuts

Salt Lake City, UT (December 6, 2010)--Harman Pro’s Systems Development and Integration Group (SDIG) has introduced HiQnet System Architect Version 2.3.

Salt Lake City, UT (December 6, 2010)–Harman Pro’s Systems Development and Integration Group (SDIG) has introduced HiQnet System Architect Version 2.3.

The new edition reportedly improves the performance, functionality and user interface of System Architect, according to Adam Holladay, senior market manager, Harman Professional Systems Development and Integration Group.

“SDIG is singularly committed to improving HiQnet System Architect on every criteria at every opportunity,” Holladay said today. “We regularly examine the user experience, the performance engine and hardware integration and we religiously seek out new ways to improve each. With version 2.3, our base of 30,000 registered HiQnet users will see advances in the look and feel of the software, the speed and efficiency of the software and operational functionality.”

HiQnet System Architect version 2.3 includes an improved Custom Panel Designer, which allows users to create customized control interfaces that reflect system functionality and usage requirements in system setup and operation. Meanwhile, performance for meter controls has reportedly also been improved so panel designers can monitor larger numbers of devices simultaneously.

Also new in version 2.3 is a simplified access control configuration interface. Aiming to make it easier to set up multiple user rights, it takes a more immediate focus on the users, rather than the devices in the system. The redesigned interface will particularly enhance the setup for when System Architect is used as the day-to-day operator’s audio system control application with the Kiosk Mode feature.

On hardware integration, the SDIG team has been working closely with engineering teams from Crown and Lexicon to advance HiQnet System Architect’s support of their offerings. A case in point is System Architect’s support of momentary preset recall function for Crown amplifiers. For the application of recalling amplifier presets from a contact closure, for example, the systems integration professional can now set each amplifier to return the state it was in prior to recalling the preset once the contact closure input is reset.

Lexicon’s PCM Series processors are widely deployed in live sound and studio applications and now can be integrated, programmed and controlled using HiQnet System Architect.

HiQnet System Architect version 2.3 can be downloaded free of charge from