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IEM Manufacturers Team for New Trade Group

Trade organization debuts with a dozen founding manufacturers onboard

New York, NY (October 7, 2019)—The last two decades have seen in-ear monitors move from being boutique live sound offerings to crucial live production tools that have also made inroads into the audiophile world as well. Aiming to become a central resource for in-ear manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and end-users in that market space, the In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization has been founded.

Vix in the Mix

According to founder Mike Dias, the goal of IEMITO and its website is to be a repository of information as well as a directory for its members with features such as job placement assistance, industry best-practices, trade show participation and others.

Long a part of the IEM world, Dias entered the industry working at Ultimate Ears in its early days, ultimately becoming global Sales & Marketing director for Logitech, which owns UE today. Having moved on from that role, Dias now sees IEMITO as a way to both answer some of the industry’s pressing needs and unify it independently of any one manufacturer: “I’ve watched the industry grow from the back of a tour bus to what it is today and have been able to cultivate mutual respect and friendships with all of the pioneers of the industry. It was hard not to notice just how big the industry has become and how many manufacturers are now participating globally.”

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Founding manufacturers include Alclair, Spear Labs, Ultimate Ears, Jerry Harvey Audio, Vision Ears, Sensaphonics, Westone Audio, Audeze, Clear Tune Monitors, 64 Audio, Empire and ACS. Founding IEM dealers include Soundcat, Music Sanctuary and One Custom Audio.