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Jeep Beach Festival Hits Daytona Speedway

Daytona Speedway recently hosted the second annual Jeep Beach music festival, featuring Lee Brice and a new TT+ Audio P.A.

Jeeps and music were the draw for the attendees of Jeep Beach 2024.
Jeeps and music were the draw for the attendees of Jeep Beach 2024.

Daytona, FL (May 22, 2024)—Daytona Speedway is used to loud and fast events, and the second annual Jeep Beach music festival lived up to its surroundings recently, fielding a lineup that included The Wheeland Brothers, Maggie Rose, The Wailers, Craig Morgan and headliner Lee Brice. Ensuring everyone could hear the acts giving it their all was a new TT+ Audio GTX P.A.

An independent brand within the RCF family, TT+ Audio used the event to get its name and system out there, spreading the word among live sound pros about the GTX 12 is a three-way line array module, equipped with eight transducers and designed to provide optimized directivity.


For Jeep Beach 2024, the system centered around two main hangs of 11 GTX 12s with 18 GTS 29 subwoofers. Each hang was divided into five zones of two or three GTX 12 boxes per zone, driven by two racks that each housed three XPS 16K four-channel power amplifiers. The system was under RCF RDNet software control. Completing the system for the festival were L-Acoustics Kara components for front fill and out fill, plus L-Acoustics K2 modules on the delay towers. A third three-amplifier rack per side drove half the GTS 29 subwoofers. Nine GTS 29s were deployed in stacks of three across the front of each side of the stage.

Wayne Pauley, production manager and front-of-house engineer for Lee Brice, dug the system, remarking, “The new TT+ Audio GTX 12-inch box is one of the best sounding boxes I have heard in a long time. These boxes sounded great from the moment we put music through them for tuning. The high end was so clean and natural-sounding, I was actually taken aback for a moment. In these modern days where so many boxes out there have a high end that sounds ‘fabricated,’ it is incredible to hear a box that can deliver that range in a way that sounds like it should … natural.”

TT+ Audio’s GTX P.A. system is set to rejoin Brice when he appears as a headliner at the Lonestar Jam in Round Rock, TX.