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Adamson Launches Blueprint AV Software Suite

Blueprint AV is a multi-use predictive software suite from Adamson that operates both in the 2-D and 3-D realm. Designed to provide Adamson clients with a user-defined level of detail, the software promises extreme precision in any operating mode.

After extensive beta testing with key network partners, Adamson is releasing Blueprint AV via a licensing system that will allow end users to distribute a pre-determined number of copies to their team of technicians.

Expanding on the Adamson Shooter software, Blueprint AV allows users to easily plan their system design. System designers and technicians can build a simple or very complex listening area, hang multiple arrays, simulate response with a variety of acoustic predictive tools, and provide a detailed and accurate rigging plot that can be exported to DXF files for easy transfer to the rigging team.

Users can choose the 2-D mode to determine optimal splay settings for their arrays within their space, or opt for the highly detailed 3-D mode, which allows for a wide variety of polygonal shapes to easily and accurately build complex spaces. The software also provides a large variety of simulation options. 

Multiple simulation options exist including SPL measurements, which can be measured using standard and proprietary weighting curves, as well as standard 1/3-octave frequencies or a full range average. Delay, directivity and virtual microphone responses can also be easily calculated. A vertical SPL option allows the user to see an array’s vertical SPL response, accurately measuring the initial coverage, to the amount of coverage delivered to the extreme back of the intended listening area.

The software comes pre-loaded with acoustic data from Adamson’s complete line array product range; the company says it plans to add all point source products in the near future.

A promotional video is available at

Licenses can be obtained through the Adamson Website at or by inquiring through the dedicated support email [email protected].  

All turnkey system purchases will come with a Blueprint AV license, while interested users can obtain a Personal Account license allowing for two installations for $159.99 USD, or a Corporate Account license allowing for six installations for $359.99 USD

Public Webinars will take place on January 29 at 9 a.m. Eastern and January 30 at 4 p.m. Eastern. To register, send an email to [email protected].