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Alan Audio Works Expands with MW Audio

Jeffery Alan Jones

MW Audio in Marina Del Rey, Calif., recently supplied production equipment and acoustic treatment products to Alan Audio Works, a new project facility for composer/sound designer Jeffery Alan Jones in midtown Hollywood. The full-service music and audio production facility comprises a 350-square foot mix room with 5.1-channel surround monitoring, linked to a voice-over booth and two tracking rooms. The project involved extensive acoustic treatment, including sound isolation. MW Audio also provided a number of high-end microphones, preamplifiers and monitor systems, which are being used to augment Jones’ existing Digidesign Pro Tools|HD-3 Digital Audio Workstation and

Acoustic treatment includes MW Audio-supplied Auralex Acoustics ELiTE B24 Fiberglas Pro Panels. New outboards supplied by MW Audio include an Avalon Designs AD2022 Class-A Dual-mono Mic Preamp, Genelec 1030A Monitors and companion 7060 subwoofer, Neumann U87 and KM-184 condenser microphones, an AKG C414 B-XLII large-capsule condenser, and a Sennheiser MHK416 shotgun mic.

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