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Audio Rents Inc. Adds JoeCo BBR1MP Recorder To Its Inventory

The Whisky A Go-Go’s front-of-house engineer Leonard Contreras (left) and production manager Luis Cardenas with two JoeCo BlackBox BBR1MP Recorders.

UK-based manufacturer JoeCo reports that Audio Rents Inc. of Hollywood, Calif., is the very first U.S. customer to have taken delivery of JoeCo‘s new BlackBox BBR1MP Recorder. Two systems were delivered to the pro audio rental company earlier last week and went out the very next day to provide a 48-channel recording system with integrated microphone preamps for live recording at West Hollywood’s iconic The Whisky A Go-Go club.

“We were very excited when we saw the new BlackBox with mic pre’s at NAMM back in January,” says Audio Rents’ Bob Burton. “It provided an easy, compact solution for our customers who were renting two JoeCo’s as a 48-track recorder along with six 8-channel mic pres. We ordered a pair on the spot!

“The JoeCo’s are small, lightweight, easy to carry to the location, and occupy a small footprint when they arrive,” Burton continues. “We took delivery of our first two units on Tuesday afternoon, the first two in the country. By Wednesday they were operating flawlessly at the sound check, ready for that night’s performance. The first recording in the country! The guys [Whisky A Go-Go production manager Luis Cardenas and front-of-house engineer Leonard Contreras] were impressed by their performance and ease of use and they sound great!”

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