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Audio-Technica AT875, AT8015, AT8035

Top to bottom: AT8015, AT8035 and AT875

Audio-Technica’s AT875 ($259) is a mono shotgun microphone measuring 6.9 inches long and 0.89 inches in diameter. The company has also updated its AT815b and AT835b shotgun models as the new AT8015 ($259) and AT8035 ($410) shotgun models. The new microphones are fully RoHS-compliant, free from all substances specified in the EU directive on the reduction of hazardous substances.

The AT875 is a phantom-powered (11-52 VDC) shotgun designed for electronic newsgathering (ENG) and field production applications where a more compact camera may dictate a shotgun that is shorter than Audio-Technica’s AT897 and AT4073. The AT875 is an electret condenser offering a line plus gradient polar pattern and a frequency response of 100–20k Hz. The microphone is designed to handle levels up to 127dB SPL. Its tailored low-end response minimizes pickup of a camera’s mechanical noise and other undesirable low frequencies. It features an integral XLR-3M connector and is packaged with a windscreen, protective case, mic clip, and an adapter bushing that allows the microphone to fit mic holders on popular DV cameras from Sony, Panasonic, JVC and more.

The new AT8015 and AT8035 condenser microphones are designed primarily for corporate, industrial and event video producers, and also offer line plus gradient polar patterns. The AT8015 (18 inches long) and AT8035 (14.5 inches long) are said to provide the narrow acceptance angle desirable for long-distance sound pickup, and offer excellent sound rejection from the sides and rear, switchable low-frequency roll-off, and battery or phantom-power operation.

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