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Blue Sky Debuts Audio Management Controller

AMC Designed to Complement Star System One Modular Monitoring System, Compatible with Other Studio Monitors

Blue Sky in Farmingdale, New York, has launched its new Audio Management Controller (AMC; $2,995 MSRP). Designed to complement Blue Sky’s Star System One modular monitoring system (Sat 6D satellite speakers and Sub 12D subwoofer), the company states that the AMC is additionally compatible with virtually all other studio monitors.

Building on Blue Sky’s previous-generation Bass Management Controller, the AMC promises precise, centralized control over levels, balance, mute, selection of house curves and other system configuration settings. The new product is an 8-channel DSP-based system, and each channel features 1/3-octave EQ, eight bands of filters and parametric EQ (10 bands of parametric EQ on the bass channel), and variable delay for time alignment.

Integrating with Blue Sky’s Speaker Room Optimization (SRO) auto-alignment system in conjunction with bundled Windows software, AMC’s other key features include eight system presets (EQ curves, etc.), lip sync delay, 7.1 bass management with variable cutoff frequency per channel, and an externally-accessible mute input.

Blue Sky’s AMC is physically comprised of two components: a single-rackspace DSP module, and a 7.75-inch square remote panel equipped with a large weighted rotary control for primary adjustments, backlit function and preset buttons, and a large display screen.

Any input on the AMC can be routed to any output, and multiple inputs can be mixed and routed to any outputs. Digital inputs have a built-in sample rate converter, which can be bypassed in pure-digital mode for 48/96kHz operation. The digital I/O is AES/EBU 110-ohm balanced transformer coupled, while analog I/O is balanced and nominal input levels are selectable between +4dBu and -6dBu.

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