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Bosch IRIS-Net Version 1.4

Bosch Communications Systems has released IRIS-Net Version 1.4, which offers new hardware devices (Electro-Voice Dx38, Dynacord DSP244 and PWS Programmable Wall Stations) and new DSP objects (gain sharing auto-mixer, FIR DSP blocks, improved graphic EQ blocks, DSP window text boxes and DSP superblocks for creating and storing pre-configured DSP structures with parameters and settings).

Additional software enhancements include a new Project Generator Tool to create amplifier-based projects. The Project Generator can create a project complete with device labeling, DSP settings, group configurations and controls from basic user input. New Logging functions within IRIS-Net includes application-specific events, such as user logins and online/offline events. Other enhancements include automatic online and user login options; limiter threshold calculator; new options for editing textboxes; enhanced graphics engine; and configuration utility for programming TPI-8/TPI-12 touch-panel interfaces.

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