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Cakewalk Announces New SONAR ‘Cambridge’ Release

The Second Major Release in SONAR's Membership Program Offers New Features, Improvements

Cakewalk announces the March 2015 ‘Cambridge’ release for SONAR Artist, Professional, and Platinum. The second major release in the SONAR Membership program includes an onscreen virtual MIDI controller for multi-touch or QWERTY triggering; Mix Recall that now remembers all output and Bus routing as well as mix parameters; increased import/export support (Ogg Vorbis, legacy formats, the RF64 standard specified by the EBU, improved MP3 export and more); new effects (ProChannel edition of Boz Digital Labs’ Panipulator, Anderton Collection “Phasor Constructor”); and an exclusive Les Paul Gold Top expansion pack for Dimension Pro with 30 new programs.

Additionally, Cakewalk states that the “Cambridge” release includes 50 enhancements and fixes requested by the SONAR Membership community.

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