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Fulcrum Acoustic Unveils CS118 Subcardioid Subwoofer

Fulcrum Acoustic in Whitinsville, Mass., introduces the CS118 Subcardioid Subwoofer module (price TBA). Featuring a single, high-power 18-inch direct radiating woofer in a rugged, compact enclosure, the CS118 is specifically designed for permanent installation in a wide range of applications and venues, including performing arts centers, houses of worship, sporting facilities and nightclubs.

Incorporating Fulcrum’s patent-pending Passive Cardioid Technology, the CS118 is designed to dramatically reduces excessive rear low frequency radiation by up to 10 dB without the need for additional drivers, amplifiers or signal processing. Its subcardioid pattern is created via a highly refined acoustical circuit balancing the LF driver’s position with the enclosure’s depth and volume, as well as meticulously designed rear ports incorporating a precisely calibrated resistive element.

The CS118 combines Fulcrum’s proprietary TQ processing with the most innovative designs in acoustical circuitry to deliver exacting pattern control, unequalled performance and precision transient response, even at the highest SPLs.

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Download a PDF document from Fulcrum Acoustic containing specifications for the CS118.