JBL Accessorizes VP Series


JBL is now offering accessories to complement its VP (Venue Performance) Series loudspeaker product line. Included among the line of accessories is a padded cover for various VP Series models, as well as dolly wheel-boards for easy transporting.

Additionally, numerous accessories, including Planar Array Kits and U-Brackets, are available for suspending individual or multiple units. JBL offers a Planar Array Kit for rigging two VP7212 loudspeakers under one VPSB7118 subwoofer system in a vertical array. Another Planar Array Kit is offered for rigging one VPSB7118 subwoofer system with a VP7212 loudspeaker system on each side in a horizontal array.

For additional information, visit www.jblpro.com/installedsound/vpseries/index.html. For additional new SR products, visit mixonline.com/livesound/products/.