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Kaysound Imports Will Distribute Hiwatt Amps in U.S.

Kaysound Imports announced a new agreement with amplifier maker Hiwatt to distribute its products in the United States. Under this new agreement, Kaysound introduces Hiwatt’ s new Hi-Gain Series, comprising the Hi-Gain 50 and Hi-Gain 100 guitar heads, a Hi-Gain 50W combo amp and 4×12 and 2×12 cabinets.

The new Hi-Gain SER Range guitar amplifier heads come in 50W and 100W versions, utilize the same channel circuitry of Hiwatt’ s Custom Range amplifiers and add a new contemporary overdrive circuit. The power-amp section features EL34 tubes, and the preamp features 12AX7 to dial in smooth overdrive up to all-out distortion.

The Hi-Gain also adds Accutronics reverb, an effects loop and an amplifier mute so you can use the preamp on its own through specially designed onboard speaker-emulation circuitry with balanced XLR output. The Hi-Gain features push-pull switches for normal and bright settings, dual footswitch inputs for separate control of channel/mute and reverb/effects loop, and four speaker outputs rated from 4 to 16 ohms supporting various
configurations of Hiwatt’ s Fane or Celestion loaded 4×12 or 2×12 speaker cabinets.

The Hi-Gain Series is available in a standard version without reverb, mute, effects loop and speaker emulation for the same Hiwatt sound on a budget. Also available is a 50W Hi-Gain combo amp with 2×12 Fane speakers, available with both standard and SER Range features.

Price and Availability

Hi-Gain 50 Head: $1,399

Hi-Gain 100 Head: $1,499

Hi-Gain 50 Combo: $1,699

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