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KSDO San Diego Installs Axia Livewire Audio Network

Rudy Agus, chief engineer, Hi-Favor Broadcasting with KSDO’s new Axia SmartSurface. Axia Studio Engine and Router Selector are in the rack at back.

Hi-Favor Broadcasting’s Spanish-language KSDO/AM 1130, one of San Diego, Calif.’s oldest stations, recently completed a facility upgrade that included the installation of a new Axia Livewire Audio Network based around Axia’s SmartSurface controller.

In his search for a new system, KSDO’s chief engineer Rudy Agus, was concerned about not getting locked in, configuration-wise, by conventional hardware. “We wanted to ensure our new system made it convenient to re-route multiple audio sources to different destinations,” says Agus. “With most mixing consoles, the wiring of the system is far more complex, time consuming and expensive, yet they typically lack the flexibility to easily re-configure the setup. If you didn’t plan for a particular signal routing configuration, you end up either having to add more wire to accommodate it, or you find yourself making compromises. I felt the traditional approach to signal routing needed to be revisited, and with the Axia system, I found a solution.

“We have a number of sources we rely upon,” continues Agus, “including satellite, T-1 lines, ISDN, and a remote vehicle. My primary concern was to not overwhelm the system operators with signal routing challenges. With our Axia system, setting up a new routing configuration is handled via the PathfinderPC PC-based software. With PathfinderPC, it’s quite simple to see what you’re doing, save your setup and recall it anytime it’s needed.”

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