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Mix With The Masters Offers 15-Percent Discount Before September 3

MWTM is Celebrating 100,000 Likes on Facebook

Mix With The Masters (MWTM) is celebrating 100,000 Likes on Facebook with this special offer: Become a MWTM member before September 3 for $245 per year instead of $289 using the promo code ‘100k’.

Upcoming seminars will be presented by Al Schmitt, from September 13-19, 2016, and Andy Wallace, from October 24-30, 2016.

In addition to the Seminar Series, Mix With The Masters has launched an Exclusive Online Community for engineers and producers, offering an array of exceptional services, enabling its members to discover the approaches and techniques of A-list music mixers and producers. Interested parties can now become a member for unlimited access to hundreds of videos, and to take advantage of MTWM’s online services such as Webinars, special One-Day Seminars and more.

In the most recent Mix With The Masters series of videos, top-level mix engineers and producers mix a song from scratch in his or her own studio while explaining personal techniques, workflow and philosophy step by step during the entire process.

MTWM members can download different sessions used in the videos as well as Andrew Scheps’ personal Mix Template. MTWM members can also download the free MWTM App to stream the videos anywhere with new content being added weekly.

For more information and to register, go to

Apply for MTWM seminars at

Watch Michael Brauer’s video, “Deconstructing a Mix 8—Part 1” for free.

Watch Tchad Blake’s video, “Inside The Track 1—Part 2” for free.