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Peavey to Sponsor ‘Park Jam Series Florida’ Community Events

For more than two decades, Tampa Bay has been a stronghold in Southern hip-hop culture. To commemorate the city’s rich music history and to work towards building a brighter future, Park Jam Series Florida will launch an outdoor event series this fall that focuses on family, education, music and community enrichment. Peavey Electronics states it is honored to be a corporate sponsor of this series, celebrating hip-hop’s positive influence on urban youth. 

Park Jam Series Florida will run for four Saturdays over four months—September 17, October 8, November 12, and December 17, 2016—with times and locations listed on the organization’s Website.

The family-oriented series will embrace the true essence of hip-hop by bringing together a national and international representation of DJs, graffiti artists, dancers and emcees. These impressive artists will touch on positive messages and values that have enabled disenfranchised neighborhoods and youth to overcome their struggles.

Event organizers will be working in conjunction with local non-profit organizations committed to improving quality of life in inner cities.

Inspired by a long-running event in New York City, Park Jams Series Florida believes that the power of music will bridge gaps between generations, language and other stereotypes that divide communities. This message of peace, unity, love and having fun will combine over a soundtrack of grooves from hip-hop’s old/new school, supported by Peavey’s professional sound equipment.

More information about the event, including Park Jam DJs, is available at Organizers are still looking for party rockers, additional sponsors, vendors and volunteers, and encourage participants to sign up through the Website.

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