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Terra Vista Media Goes 5.1 With JBL LSR4312SP

Terra Vista Media, an audio post-production facility specializing in mixing for television broadcast and DVD projects, recently added a JBL LSR4312SP powered subwoofer to its LSR4300 studio monitor system. The addition completes Terra Vista’s 5.1 setup, which will be used for the company’s surround-sound projects.

“The new subwoofer gives me the opportunity to utilize the complete capabilities of the LSR4300 Series to their fullest potential,” says Terra Vista Media founder and owner Paul Feenstra. “Not only does the LSR4312SP deliver accurate and pristine low-frequency audio, but the networking capabilities and bass-management system go beyond expectations.

“I was looking for a set of monitors that came with an external controller, but when I saw the LSR4300s, I realized I didn’t need a controller because of the built-in control technology,” Feenstra continues. “I liked the sound, I liked the size, and I saw that the technology was far superior to everything else. A lot of other studios bring in guys to calibrate the rooms, but the LSR4300s do that for me.

“With television projects, the budgets have come down on shows and as such, we need to mix projects very quickly. Television networks have become very stringent in their technical requirements. These monitors aid me in meeting these requirements and are perfect for the type of work that we do for TV.”

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