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TK Audio Announces BC1-S, DP1mk3, S-Blender Hardware Processors

TK Audio BC1-S stereo bus compressor

TK Audio in Halmstad, Sweden, is introducing the latest updates to its BC1, DP1 and The Blender products: the single-rackspace BC1-S stereo bus compressor, DP1mk3 dual channel preamp and S-Blender bus processor.

TK Audio DP1mk3 dual channel preamp

The BC1-S stereo bus compressor offers stepped controls for 100-percent recall, with improved circuits for lower noise. The company’s DP1 has turned into the DP1mk3 dual channel preamp with a design that incorporates both vintage and modern circuits with improved input stages for lower noise and distortion, along with the addition of a highpass filter after the input stage.

TK Audio S-Blender bus processor

TK Audio’s bus processor The Blender now goes by the name S-Blender, offering new stepped controls for 100-percent recall for mixing and mastering applications. S-Blender’s circuits have been improved for lower noise and distortion.

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