Wade Martin Opens Phoenix Facility


Wade Martin in his new Phoenix studio

Artist/producer Wade Martin has opened WM Studios, a new Pro Tools-based facility in Phoenix, with hardware provided by Los Angeles–based MW Audio.

The studio’s 14x16 control room includes an Apple G5 PowerMac running Digidesign Pro Tools|HD3 V7.0 with a Digidesign Control-24 control surface. Monitoring includes Adam Audio P11a, Event PS6, Genelec 7070A and M-Audio SBX units. "I have access to a range of analog preamplifiers, but I also like 'mixing inside the box' with some of these incredible new Pro Tools plug-ins."

The control room links to a 15x15-foot tracking room and companion vocal booth. Martin will likely spend just as much time in this area, as he performs on most of his productions and plays more than 20 different instruments. "In other words, when you hear a Wade Martin-produced song on the radio, 99 percent of the time I am playing all the instruments,” he says. “The same can be said for the writing." In addition, Martin arranges, mixes and produces in his own recording studios and then orchestrates the distribution and promotion of his and other's work.

For more information from Wade Martin and WM Studios, visit www.wmstudios.tv. For more information on MW Audio, visit www.mwaudio.com.