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Wave Round Creative Joins Adamson Network

Adamson Systems Engineering in Port Perry, Ontario, announces that Wave Round Creative Co., LTD, located in JiangSu, China, recently accepted delivery of a new Adamson Energia P.A. Wave Round, which has been in business for more than 10 years, is the most recent Chinese sound company to join the Energia network.

The company added the Adamson system to its rental inventory to handle business growth that includes providing service to larger events in its region. Adamson’s Chinese distributor, Real Music Acoustics & Lighting Technology, spearheaded the sale.

“When we started looking at larger line arrays system we heard a lot about Adamson and the Energia system,” explains Wave Round’s technical director, David Wang. “Once we heard the system we were extremely impressed with the mid and low frequency energy. It is very strong. We were confident this was the system that would allow the company continued growth.”

Specifically, Wave Round added a main P.A. made up of 32 E15 and 24 E12 line array enclosures along with 24 E219 and six E218 subwoofers for solid low end coverage. Front and side fill requirements can be handled by 12 multipurpose SpekTrix loudspeakers. Adamson stage monitors—16x M15 and 2x M215—round out the system.  

“We are very excited to have Wave Round join the Energia network,” adds David Dohrmann, technical director Asia Pacific for Adamson. “They are a well-respected company in the region that is experiencing tremendous growth. We are glad that an Adamson P.A. can play a role in their continued success.”

The system was first put into use at the Triple Jam world tour concert held at the Taipei Arena Stadium in front of 15,000 fans.

Front-of-house engineer David Wang adds, “The E15s line arrays are quite powerful, the system performed extremely well.”

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