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AES 2003: MediaMatrix CAB 4n Audio Bridge

The new CAB 4n features MediaMatrix’s new Scalable I/O architecture, with support for its line of I/O modules

The new CAB 4n features MediaMatrix’s new Scalable I/Oarchitecture, with support for its line of I/O modules (up to fourmodules configurable for 16×0, 0x16, 12×4, 4×12 or 8×8 operation). Allinputs can be configured in groups of four channels for microphone orline-level in any of the available configurations.

In addition, the CAB 4n supports the new MM AEC4 acousticecho-cancellation card in any of the configurations, as well asincluding support for the company’s Serial Bridging system,providing transport of multidrop RS-485 across the CobraNetnetwork.

New for the CAB Series is the versatile, performance-oriented GPIOport, which provides configurable contacts for analog, digital and drycontact use. All of the GPIO ports are configurable from Mware softwareand include any easy DIN rail-mounting system for rack wiring andservice.

In other company news, MediaMatrix’s new X-Bridge is asingle-rackspace product that provides CobraNet audio network interfacefor the X-Frame 88 digital audio processor.

The X-Bridge provides a seamless link between the CobraNet digitalaudio network and the X-Frame 88’s digital audio“link” connectors. With the X-Bridge, up to foursimultaneous CobraNet audio bundles appear within the XWare software astwo sets of eight channel inputs and outputs. Several combinations ofsystems configurations are possible, including interfacing with larger,frame-based MediaMatrix systems, stand-alone CobraNet operation usingthe CAB Series breakout boxes or peer-to-peer systems wherelong-distance audio transport is required.

The X-Bridge includes support for both RS-232 and RS-485 serial datainterfaces so XControl flush-mount controllers and third-party controlsystems can communicate with the X-Frame 88 via the CobraNet network.To facilitate applications where visual monitoring of network audiosignals is required, X-Bridge includes switchable front-panel metering.Status LEDs are also included for monitoring network status and faultconditions.

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