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Celestion CDX1-1430

Celestion showed the latest addition to its range of high-frequency compression drivers, the CDX1-1430.

Celestion showed the latest addition to its range of high-frequencycompression drivers, the CDX1-1430. The one-pound model delivers 50WRMS power with an impedance of 8 ohms, a frequency response of 2 to 20kHz and a sensitivity of 108 dB. The compression driver incorporates analuminum heat sink designed to rapidly conduct heat away from themagnet.

Celestion’s R&D engineers used laser interferometry (theuse of lasers to measure mechanical vibrations and study speakerbehavior) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) design techniques todevelop this 1-inch compression driver that features a neodymium magnetstructure and aluminum diaphragm.

Celestion is distributed in the U.S. by Group One, more new sound reinforcement products, visit Toread Mix‘s NSCA show report, visit