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dCS Expands Legends Award

The dCS (Data Conversion Systems, Ltd.) Legends Award campaign, which began last year, has been expanded to highlight more engineering legends.

dCS’s Bespoke Bartok DAC
dCS’s Bespoke Bartok DAC

Cambridge, UK (May 5, 2020)—Launched last year at AES, the dCS (Data Conversion Systems, Ltd.) Legends Award campaign has acknowledged the efforts of recording, mixing, and mastering engineers who have strived throughout their careers to deliver a quality music listening experience possible. Since then, the Legends Award has been bestowed upon Bob Ludwig, Al Schmitt, Tony Faulkner and Chuck Ainlay. Now dCS has announced the next round of honorees.

Bob Ludwig Receives dCS Legends Award

In the coming months, the dCS Legends Award campaign will highlight Frank Filipetti, James Guthrie, Leslie Ann Jones, George Massenburg, John Newton, Elliot Scheiner, Mark Wilder and the late Ed Cherney, who dCS also honored with a contribution to the COVID-19 Relief Fund established by the Recording Academy and MusiCares.

While honoring noted engineers, the program is also intended to underscore the growing industry trend toward ‘studio quality’ high-resolution streaming services. “We are overwhelmed by the positive response that our Legends Award campaign has received from both music professionals and enthusiasts alike,” said David J. Steven, managing director. “We have been working closely with the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing to identify and tell the incredible stories behind a diverse group of legendary engineers, and we plan to continue this effort through the remainder of this year.”

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