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Deluxe Laboratories Expands Euphonix Presence

Toronto-based Deluxe Laboratories has ordered two System 5-P consoles for its TV post-production rooms, bringing their total number of Euphonix System

Toronto-based Deluxe Laboratories has ordered two System 5-Pconsoles for its TV post-production rooms, bringing their total numberof Euphonix System 5 Consoles to five.

The company installed the first Euphonix System 5-F digital filmconsole in 1999, and returned two years later in 2001 to install twomore System 5-F consoles. Rich Nevens, executive VP of U.S. sales atEuphonix, said, “We have a very strong relationship with Deluxe, andhave worked together very closely to support their post-productionrequirements. They have been very successful with their current threefilm consoles and expect to continue this success with the System 5s inthe TV post rooms.”

Tom Allwood, executive VP and general manager of post-production atDeluxe Laboratories, stated, “After the tremendous success we’ve hadwith our previous three Euphonix System 5 consoles, it was the rightchoice to continue with Euphonix for the television post-productionrooms. The new consoles can also double for film pre-dubbin, whichcould really pay off in a time crunch or when projects overlap. TheSystem 5 consoles provide an excellent facility solution for Deluxe.Our clients love the console’s versatility, flexibility and pure soundquality, and happy clients is good business.”

The two System 5-P post-production consoles are set up withidentical specs to make it extremely easy to work on a project ineither room. The two 40-fader, 82-channel System 5-P post consoles areset to go online at Deluxe Laboratories on July 15, 2002.

Deluxe has had great success mixing films with the System 5-Fdigital film console. Some of the films dubbed at Deluxe includeArarat, American Psycho 2, Dracula 2:Ascension,Dungeons & Dragons, Hedwig & The Angry Inch,Project Greenlight and Say Nothing.

For more information on the Euphonix System 5-P, visit the companyonline at Deluxe Laboratories, 424 AdelaideSt E, Toronto, ON M5A 1N4; 416/364-4321.