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Rome’s 3Cycle Outfits with Genelec

Rome, Italy-based 3Cycle recently constructed a new dubbing space, outfitted with Genelec monitors and subwoofers.

Rome, Italy-based 3Cycle has a new dubbing space, outfitted with Genelec monitors and subwoofers.
Rome, Italy-based 3Cycle has a new dubbing space, outfitted with Genelec monitors and subwoofers.

Natick, MA (September 15, 2021)—Rome, Italy-based 3Cycle has long used various studio facilities around the city for dubbing work, but strong growth, combined with client support, led to the construction of a space of their own, which is outfitted with Genelec monitors and subwoofers.

While it was important that dubbing was catered to, the team wanted to expand the business further and took the opportunity to create a post-production hub that could offer much more. The 1,000-square-meter post-production facility features seven ADR dubbing rooms, a pair of 5.1 QC rooms, two 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment rooms and a Dolby Atmos theatrical room.

Genelec Smart Active Monitors feature prominently throughout the facility. Each of the seven ADR rooms feature L-R 8330 monitors with an 8340 for the center channel. The QC rooms are both equipped with 8340 monitors and a 7380 subwoofer for the 5.1 setup. Finally, the two Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment rooms have been installed with flush-mounted S360 LCR monitors, 8340s for the surrounds and overheads, and a 7382 subwoofer delivering the low frequencies.

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The design work was carried out by Studio Sound Service’s team of designers, made up of Donato Masci, Cecilia Torracchi and Giulia Bondielli, alongside Andy Munro’s work on the acoustics. “We have designed a lot of studios together and created a sort of standard for post-production and dubbing, which is recognized and appreciated by numerous broadcasters,” says Masci. “3Cycle wanted to reach an international level, and therefore we decided to also involve Andy.”

“Genelec monitors were the right choice for 3Cycle because they are a standard for post-production facilities around the world,” Masci states. “In addition to this, the GLM loudspeaker manager software helps a lot for the fine tuning, even if the rooms already sound really good.”

With Munro’s assistance, the team managed to create perfectly floating rooms that were mechanically decoupled from the structure. “All the recording rooms have been isolated using floated, room-within-room construction with vibration isolation throughout,” Masci explains. “Control rooms have also been given appropriate isolation, to avoid interference and also to allow accurate monitoring of the recordings themselves.”