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Fairlight Acquires Intellectual Property Of DSP Media

Fairlight announced at NAB 2002 the acquisition of the intellectual property of the now-defunct DSP Media, which includes DSP’s V motion and A/V-transfer

Fairlight announced at NAB 2002 the acquisition of the intellectualproperty of the now-defunct DSP Media, which includes DSP’s Vmotion and A/V-transfer products.

“When DSP Media ceased operating, Fairlight was presented withthe opportunity to acquire A.V transfer and V motion, which we weresure would complement our current offerings and bring value to ourcustomers around the globe,” Kim Ryrie, executive director ofFairlight, said. “We have been fortunate to have DSP’s coreR&D team to come onboard, including founder Joseph Narai. ExistingDSP customers are being supported by a third-party company based inAustralia, and while we have been able to provide some limited support,we are not in a position to continue development on DSP’s legacyeditors.”

Joseph Narai commented, “Just as DSP was getting establishedglobally, our funding was withdrawn, so the logical step for us was towork with the Fairlight team. Our initial focus on A/V transfer and Vmotion has delivered immediate results in enhancing the Fairlightproduct range by improving connectivity and video integration. Thefuture is also exciting as we are looking at combining the best ofDSP’s technology with Fairlight’s current state-of-the-artproducts.”

Fairlight will launch new releases of A/V transfer and V motion asFairlight-branded products at NAB 2002.

“V motion and A/V transfer are two exceptional products thatwill truly and positively impact the workflow efficiency of broadcastand post-production professionals in all of the markets Fairlightserves,” Ryrie added. “We will continue to look at ways tomake the transfer and management of media files as transparent aspossible.”

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