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Genelec Shows Stereo Monitoring System at AES 2003

Genelec has created a compact, full-range stereo monitoring solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the project, recording, multimedia, or post-production studio environment.

Genelec has created a compact, full-range stereo monitoring solutionspecifically designed to meet the needs of the project, recording,multimedia, or post-production studio environment. The TriplePlay™ full-range stereo monitoring system comprises two Genelec1029A two-way, bi-amplified active monitors and a Genelec 7050ALSE™ active subwoofer.

The 7050A subwoofer has been specifically designed to complement the1029A active monitor. When combined, they deliver a smoothness offrequency response comparable to larger Genelec monitors. The subwooferalso lets the Triple Play offer greater placement flexibility. Thecompact 1029As are small enough to be located on a desktop as part of amultimedia/workstation audio system and visually appear fairlyunobtrusive in a typical control room or project studio. The 7050A,when appropriately placed, can overcome many of the low-frequencyproblems associated with freestanding full-range speakers in smallrooms.

This three-piece system has in-room flat frequency response—38Hz to 20k Hz (+/-3 dB)—and each component features an integratedactive balanced crossover, driver protection circuit and dedicatedpower amplifier. The Triple Play can produce peak acoustic levels ofover 110 dB SPL @ 1 meter.

The system’s focal point is Genelec’s 7050A LSE Series ActiveSubwoofer, which employs the company’s proprietary Laminar SpiralEnclosure™ (LSE) technology. The 7050A’s cabinet is made ofsheet metal rolled into a spiral and clamped between thick MDF sidepanels. Designed to complement the 1029A active monitor, the 7050Afeatures a single 8-inch proprietary driver with 70-watt poweramplifier, a frequency response of 38 Hz to 85 Hz +/-3 dB, and has theability to deliver SPLs of 103 dB @ 1 meter. Like all Genelec LSEActive Subwoofers, the 7050A also features extremely lowdistortion.

The Triple Play system also includes two Genelec 1029A two-way,bi-amplified active monitors. The 1029A is a compact close-field systemfeaturing a high degree of accuracy and wide dynamic range andincorporates Genelec’s proprietary Directivity Control WaveguideTechnology™ (DCW). Powered by a pair of 40-watt amplifiers, theGenelec 1029A monitors offer a frequency response of 68 Hz to 20 kHz(+/-2.5 dB) from a 5-inch woofer and 3/4-inch hard-domed tweeter. The1029A has a front-mounted volume control and rear-panel bass and trebletilt room response controls. The Genelec 1029A active monitors measure10x6x7.125 inches and are housed in a die-cast aluminum enclosure thatfeatures rugged construction, while also providing massiveheat-dissipation capability and shielding against RF interference. Eachspeaker is also EM-shielded for additional protection when used inclose proximity to video monitors.

All monitors in the Triple Play system feature extensive driverprotection.

Available now, the Genelec Triple Play system has suggested retailprice of $1,850 for the complete system.

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