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Genelec Aural ID Plug-In for Headphone Monitoring Debuts

Genelec has released an Aural ID plug-in, allowing users to create a customized HRTF to aid headphone monitoring.

Genelec has made its Aural ID software technology available in a DAW plug-in format.
Genelec has made its Aural ID software technology available in a DAW plug-in format.

Iisalmi, Finland (January 25, 2022)—Genelec has made its Aural ID software technology available in a DAW plug-in format. The plug-in allows users to create a customized HRTF of themselves to aid accurate monitoring of stereo or immersive audio via headphones.

Using video footage supplied by the user via the free Aural ID Creator mobile app, Genelec will then analyze the way the user’s head, external ear and upper body affect and color the audio arriving from all directions. This effect is unique to every individual and is called the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF). Aural ID’s cloud-based calculation engine then models the user’s own head and upper torso features to calculate their personal HRTF, and this information enables precise rendering of audio in any direction within the Aural ID plug-in, which is available in VST, AAX and AU formats for integration into any DAW.

Aimed primarily at audio professionals working in music, film, broadcast, game audio design and academic research, Aural ID offers a personalised headphone experience, aiming to provide a sense of imaging that is modelled on in-room loudspeaker monitoring.

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New to the plug-in version of Aural ID is the ability to compensate for the sound coloration that any headphones will introduce. There are two modes for achieving this, the first being a corrective EQ individually tailored for a library of specific headphone models within the plug-in, while a second mode offers a more generalized response that supports any professional headphone model.

The Aural ID plug-in also allows users of Genelec Smart Active Monitors to import calibration files directly from Genelec’s GLM loudspeaker manager software. This helps the user to closely replicate the performance of an in-room monitoring system, creating a complete Genelec monitoring ecosystem. The plug-in can create and store a virtual model of the user’s in-room monitoring set up, allowing the solo and mute of any virtual monitor in an intuitive way. Users can also perform fine adjustments of the virtual monitor spatial location, level alignment, listener orientation in azimuth and elevation, and total system equalisation.

The Aural ID plug-in is available directly from the Genelec Cloud platform via a cloud-based subscription service. Pricing options for both individuals and corporate/educational group licences are available.