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InnovaSon Sensoft Software Upgrades Sy40, Compact Consoles

InnovaSon’s new Sensoft 8.1 software package adds new features and flexibility to existing Sy40 consoles

InnovaSon’s new Sensoft 8.1 software package adds new featuresand flexibility to existing Sy40 consoles, including the ability tofreely configure the most suitable console layout and I/O arrangementfor any application.

New InnovaSon consoles featuring the benefits of Sensoft 8.1 will besold as Sy40-8 units. However, the upgrade kit, comprising software,hardware, manuals and documentation, for existing Sy40 and Compact Liveusers is also sold separately.

The new features of Sensoft 8.1 include InnovaSon’s Xfad™(expanded fader) mode for inputs and buses, and free assignment of VCAsand freely configurable fader layouts. Groups, auxiliary buses andmaster buses may be separately configured as mono, stereo, LCR andLCR+M. Matrix assignments offer direct input routing, and the monitorbus supports three output circuits. The automation features have beenenhanced with the addition of MIDI program change, MIDI timecode,crossfade, mute control and fader-start functionality.

With Sensoft 8.1, the Sy40, Compact or new Sy40-8 digital consolewill have 48 input channels and 26 output mix buses, plus an additionaltwo monitor buses. As a stand-alone console, the Sy40-8 may be fittedwith a mix of audio I/O cards with a choice of seven modules tocustom-tailor the system for any application. With the optional digitalStage Box, 48 active inputs may be selected from a possible 72 mic/lineinputs with 26 buses from a possible 48 outputs.

Full processing is available on all inputs, including variablelow-cut, noise gate, compressor/limiter and 4-band EQ. Outputprocessing on selected modules includes 8-band parametric EQ,compressor/limiter, noise gate and delay.

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