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JBL Precision Directivity PD5000 Series

JBL offers four new additions to its Precision Directivity™ PD5000 Series:

JBL offers four new additions to its Precision Directivity™PD5000 Series: the two-way PD5200/43 (with a 40×30 coverage pattern),two three-way PD5322 models (PD5322/95 and PD5322/64 with 90×50 and60x40 coverage patterns, respectively) and a full-range two-wayPD5212/43 model (40×30 coverage pattern).

The PD5212/43 features a horn-loaded 12-inch low-frequency driver, alarge-format high-frequency compression driver and delivers frequencyresponse from 80 to 18k Hz. The PD5212/43 has been engineered for musicor speech applications where frequency extension to 80 Hz is adequate,or can be coupled with subwoofer for extended bandwidth full-rangesystems.

PD5200 loudspeakers feature a high power 8-inch dual-coilCMCD™ Cone Midrange Compression Driver, providing highsensitivity and high continuous SPL capability with low distortion,extended bandwidth and improved phase coherence. The large-formatneodymium HF driver provides clear, intelligible high-frequencyprojection.

The PD5322 are three-way loudspeakers based on the PD5200 mid/highdesign with the addition of two JBL Professional 2206 Vented GapCooled™ 600-watt 12-inch transducers providing LF extension to 40Hz. PD5322 models provide a true full-range frequency response forinstallations requiring high performance in the smallest enclosuresize. PD5322, which shares common enclosure dimensions with the PD5200and PD5212 Series, facilitate compact and efficient array design.

Featured across the PD5000 Series, newly developed 24×24-inchPT™ Progressive Transition mid-frequency rotatable waveguidesthat provide versatility, tight pattern control with low distortion andextremely natural sound character. Also incorporating steep-slopepassive crossover networks help minimize band overlap, furtherenhancing off-axis pattern control. User-accessible internal switchesallow for a fully active crossover.

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