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KCM Truck Adds Genelecs

Kenneth Copeland Ministries' first HD remote production truck is fitted with a 5.1 surround array from Genelec.

Natick, MA (April 23, 2013)—Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ first HD remote production truck is fitted with a 5.1 surround array from Genelec.

The system consists of 8130A digital monitors and an SE7261A active DSP subwoofer, part of the Genelec GLM.SE system with AutoCal self-calibration system, which is used to optimize the monitoring array in the truck’s audio area. The new remote production vehicle travels to ministry events, recording the messages for broadcast, streaming and post-production media such as DVDs and MP3 downloads.

The Genelec monitors aboard the new truck also serve to create a monitoring environment in conjunction with the ministries’ audio production suite, designed by the Russ Berger Design Group and located on the ministries’ 1,200-acre campus in Ft. Worth, TX. There, three Genelec 1037C tri-amplified monitors form the LCR array, supported by four Genelec 1032A active two-way audio monitors for the surrounds.

These are used in two pairs; one set is aimed at the audio operator and the other at the producer/client seating. The post facility also utilizes a Genelec7073A active subwoofer. The truck is also used as a control room when the Copelands record broadcasts at the ministries’ television studio on the campus; the vehicle is housed in a neighboring truck bay that is connected via fiber to the facility.

“We now have complete consistency of monitoring throughout our production chain, from remote truck to home base,” observes Ralph Robb, senior audio engineer, Kenneth Copeland Ministries.