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Midas Consoles Holland Launches

The Vakbeurs Theater Techniek show, which took place in The Hague at the end of January, saw the official public launch of Midas Consoles Holland, the

The Vakbeurs Theater Techniek show, which took place in The Hague atthe end of January, saw the official public launch of Midas ConsolesHolland, the new distribution organization for Midas and Klark Teknikproducts in the Netherlands.

Midas Consoles Holland is the brainchild of Axel Nagtegaal ofElectric Audio. Electric Audio had distributed Klark Teknik in Holland,but Nagtegaal’s wanted to develop a structure that wouldconcentrate exclusively on Midas and Klark Teknik in the Dutchmarket.

“Midas Consoles Holland, although part of Electric Audio,operates entirely independently,” explained Nagtegaal. “Ithas its own very distinct identity, including its own dedicated logo,Website and personnel, plus a fully stocked showroom and demo facilitythat we call the ‘Midas Cave’ [pictured]. MCH existsexclusively for the sales and support of Midas and Klark Teknik. Unlikemost distribution setups where many brands from several manufacturersare represented, there is absolutely no affiliation with any otherbrand. It’s almost as if you were buying direct from thefactory.

“We also aim to add value in other ways,” he continued.“For example, for customers who do not wish to purchase a consoleoutright, we offer a variety of leasing options and finance packages.We have also developed what we call a Service Pack, which is a bolt-onextra to the three-year warranty that, in the rare event of a problem,guarantees a replacement console of the same type or better within fourhours of the original call. And we offer regular training sessions atour demo facility for both new and existing customers.”

“We are 100-percent committed to this distributionmodel,” said David Cooper, sales and marketing director for Midasand Klark Teknik. “We love the focus it gives to our brands. Welove the fact that Midas Consoles Holland is as dedicated to trainingand support as we are. His ‘Midas Cave’ is trulyimpressive. Every single console in the range [apart from the Heritage4000 and XL4] is there in full working order for demo, training andsupport purposes. Axel is taking the philosophy that we espouse andadhere to at Midas and Klark Teknik to his own customers. As far as weare concerned, that can only be good news.”

For further information on Midas Consoles Holland, visit or contact Peter Haaima at +31(0) 36 5404478 or [email protected].